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Care & Protect Program Details

A safe and happy home needs regular attention, but it’s hard to find time before an urgent issue strikes. We know it’s hard to know where to start, so we created Fixer’s Care & Protect program to give you peace of mind, and the protect your biggest investment: home. Here is what is included in each of our packages:

Essentials Plan

Year Round Checkup & Fixes

The first part of any monthly visit, this checkup is designed to make sure your home is caring for & protecting you. Here is what’s included:


Appliances work better and longer for you with a just little regular attention.

▢ Check/clean kitchen vent hood / microwave filter

▢ Clean & sharpen the garbage disposal blades

▢ Check the monthly cost of running appliances


Heating & Cooling: An efficient system makes for a more comfortable home.

▢ Check & replace HVAC system filters / bleed radiators

▢ Check that ceiling fans are set to the proper direction for the season


Plumbing — avoid the little problems to prevent the big, expensive ones.

▢ Look for leaks around toilets and sinks

▢ Inspect tub/shower and sink drains for debris; unclog if necessary

▢ Inspect grout and caulking in kitchen & bathrooms for damage


Safety Systems: If you ever need them to work, you need them to work.

▢ Test smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, replace batteries every 6 months

▢ Inspect, rotate, and replace fire extinguishers

▢ Check that all exterior doors & gates lock easily

▢ Check that first floor windows have functioning locks or bars

▢ Check that interior & exterior handrails are secured


Exterior (for Single Family Homes)… because who actually looks? We do!

▢ Inspect attic/ceiling for leaks or damage

▢ Inspect exterior for signs of wear, hazards, and proper drainage

▢ Trim shrubs around air conditioning units

▢ Test automatic garage door safety shutoff

▢ Spray for pests (weather permitting)

Investment Protection Plan

The Investment Protection Plan includes everything in the Essentials Plan (above), plus:

Seasonal Upkeep Tasks

Your Investment Protection Plan comes with the All Systems Go checkup, plus a series of seasonal upkeep tasks. Below is a list of tasks we’ll tackle, in addition to your All Systems Go checkup, as the seasons change.

Visits occurring January – March


▢ Recaulk as necessary to help keep water where it belongs, and avoid unsightly cracking and discoloration.

▢ Touch up grout as necessary to avoid unsightly cracking and discoloration.

▢ Fridge: Change water filter, pull the fridge out and clean behind it, as well as cleaning the coils of the fridge itself to keep your fridge running efficiently.

▢ Dishwasher: Clean filter to keep old food off of clean dishes.

▢ Oven: Pull the oven out & clean behind it. Run the self-clean cycle if necessary, to keep food tasty and avoid charring debris when cooking.

▢ Test all GFCI outlets to ensure your outlets are safe from splashes.



▢ Recaulk as necessary to help keep water where it belongs, and avoid unsightly cracking and discoloration.

▢ Touch up grout as necessary to help keep water where it belongs, and avoid unsightly cracking and discoloration.

▢ Test all GFCI outlets to ensure your outlets are safe from splashes.


Visits occurring April – June


▢ Turn off main gas supply to any gas fireplaces for the season.

▢ Remove/open storm windows to let in the fresh air!

▢ Insert/repair window & door screens to keep the bugs out, but the air flowing.

▢ Check that all local (fixture) water shutoffs work so there aren’t any surprises when you need them to work.



▢ Pressure wash siding/exterior as necessary to protect your exterior and your curb appeal.

▢ Pressure wash deck areas & exterior furniture so you can enjoy your outdoor space!

▢ Clean out gutters to keep water away from your foundation.

▢ Clean out basement access / window wells for safe & easy access.

▢ Un-winterize the sprinkler system and make sure the sytem operates leak-free.

▢ Un-winterize outdoor spigots and make sure nothing burst over the winter.


Visits occurring July – September


▢ Run a tub clean cycle on the clothes washer because who ever remembers? Us!

▢ Clean out clothing dryer lint exhaust to prevent flamable clogs.

▢ Change the refrigerator water filter to keep hydration tasty.



▢ Flush the hot water tank, and replace the anode rod if necessary to keep your hot water heater working as long as possible.

▢ Annual boiler maintenance to clean burners and flush the expansion tank, keeping your boiler running efficiently through the cold season.

▢ Check the seal, lifespan, and function of an ejector pump to avoid sewage surprises. Nobody likes a sewage surprise.

▢ Check the function, inlet & outlet of a sump pump to make sure it can work when it’s called upon.

▢ Check the function of the main water line shutoff, and clean all faucet aerators to make sure the water can flow freely when called to, and stop if necessary.


Visits occurring October – December


▢ Add/close storm windows to increase the efficiency of your closed windows.

▢ Weatherize windows so they don’t leak cold air over the winter.

▢ Weatherize doors so they don’t leak cold air over the winter.

▢ Clean out the burner on any gas fireplaces, and turn back on the main supply line so you don’t have to just watch a VHS recording of a fireplace.



▢ Check & lube the hinges, rollers, chain & pulleys on the garage door to keep it operating smoothly and quietly.

▢ Clean out gutters so water and ice don’t pool where they shouldn’t.

▢ Turn off and winterize the sprinkler system to avoid freezing any exposed parts.

▢ Winterize outdoor spigots to avoid freezing & bursting pipes.

Comfort Plan

Your comfort plan begins with an in depth consultation so we can create a road map for your whole home. This is completely customized to your needs, and the needs of your home, and your Fixer will guide you through the entire process!

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